5% GST Rate On Under Construction Residential Projects In Gurgaon

To reach on decision about which floor would be best fit, is not easy because most of buyers get confused. Somewhere rapid growth of population in metro cities is caused for high rise towers but with better amenities in luxury and affordable category for kind of income group.

Therefore, while choosing a suitable one buyer need to make out advantages and disadvantages of his/her wish list. There is some aspect following below, which should be considered as key factor to select preferred one.

Deciding factors of best fit floor

Eyeshot–This is the most important aspect for any buyer because what exactly a buyer feels from outer view of floor. If the it is on height where buyer is not comfortable like having acrophobia, then never go for it.

Rental Yield-As per buying behavior rental return vary from location to location like in Mumbai and Bangalore people prefer upper floors but in Delhi NCR people prefer ground one or rather than upper. That’s why if anyone want to invest for better rental return can invest on ground floor or upper ground floor.

Privacy-This is one of the important aspects because most people want to live without any kind of interference. For that kind of purpose higher floors would be good option.

Peace-Most of buyers prefer higher one to prevent themselves from noise and coming from street and walking near common pathway.

Electricity and Power Consumption–Each buyer wants that floor to reduce its electricity and power consumption through proper shed of sunlight and full of fresh air ventilation.

Security on floor–This is the most important and prefer aspect for each buyer and somehow ground level is not as safe as comparatively to others because it’s easy to anti-social element to break it. But all depends on structure of apartment and security features. That’s why some developers came with innovative idea of 5 Tier Security with video door.

Entrance of floor–Ground one is easy option to reach out at entrance of apartment and not wasting time in Lifts. That’s why old age buyers mostly prefer ground floor or sub one.

Comfort of family-Here comfort means, floor position is how convenient for family members like how easily kids can reach on playground and how far from playground. Because most of family want to have eyes on kids while there in ground.

Water Seepage-Mostly it is observed that ground or topmost floor would get water seepage and drained issue, but it all depends of mechanism used in draining system. That’s why middle floor of apartment would be good choice.